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Living Fossils

27 May 2016

Aquarists with an interest in ancient life are well served by the hobby, with some very archaic types of fish are readily available and in some cases easy to keep. Bichirs are the best examples, coming in a range of …


20 May 2016

Livebearing fish are immensely popular in the hobby, with several species routinely making their way into any 'top ten' poll of community tank residents. While not quite as easy to keep or breed as is often suggested, they're generally reliable …

Hypancistrus zebra available at The WaterZoo

17 May 2016

The spectacular Hypancistrus zebra is rarely seen in the hobby now due to import restrictions but captive bred fish do occassionally come up for sale.If you are after a breeding project these fish certainly tick all of the boxes and …

Catfish rarities at Abacus Aquatics

12 May 2016

Abacus Aquatics based in Sidcup have taken delivery of three new species of catfish this week which we have not seen on Tropicalfishfinder before. One of which is Acestridium dichromum which is a very rare dwarf suckermouth catfish from Venezuela. …

Cephalosilurus apurensis available on Tropicalfish2yourdoor

06 May 2016

If you are seeking an unusual and rare catfish then look no further than Cephalosilurus apurensis. This fish is for specialist fish keepers given that it can grow to 30cm in size and is also predatory. They are endemic to …

Latest arrivals at Amwell Aquatics@ Epping

05 May 2016

Amwell Aquatics have several new species of stock in this week which we haven't see on Tropicalfishfinder including four variants of African cichlids. To find out more about Amwell Aquatics please click here Pseudotropheus perspicax 'yellow breast pombo' Labidochromis chisumulae 'chizumulu' Metriaclima …

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Tropical fish 2 your door

Tropical fish 2 your door

Buy online from some of the best UK shops - Fish delivered straight to your door

Rate your purchaseYou can now buy your fish online from our Tropicalfish2yourdoor section.

This is a fantastic service that allows some of the best shops in the country to sell their stock via the TFF website. Click on a TF2YD shop link below to find out what stock is currently available.


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Wildwoods are fish specialists. We supply many thousands of fishes annually from all corners of the globe. Our purpose built Tropical Fish House is amongst the largest in Britain and contains hundreds of types of fish, from easy community varieties right through to some of the world’s rarest and most unusual species. Shipments of fish are delivered to Wildwoods several times every week and are all unpacked in our modern quarantine facility where they are acclimatised and settled for a period whilst we monitor their health status. All of our tropical fishes are only offered for sale when we are … <more>