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In this section we aim to include useful text and articles from the hobby covering a broad range of topics. Several of the main fish clubs in the U.K will be contributing material over the coming months.

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In The Eye Of The Beholder

If you ask someone to imagine an aquarium, they usually imagine it full of pretty fish - rather like the typical dentist's waiting room tank. Neon tetras feature largely, angel fish, guppies - or sometimes some fat goldfish with pretty …

Discus, Queen of the Aquarium

By Neale Monks The discus is considered by many to be the finest of all freshwater aquarium fish. It is certainly a handsome animal; regular, wild-type discus have a reddish-green body with an attractive pattern of electric blue markings. At about …

Badis Badis

Badis badis by M. J. Parry Newport Aquarists Society, England Aquarticles The Nandidae group of fishes, native to South America, the West Indies, Africa and India, comprises several species, few of which are known to the majority of aquarists. Probably the most …

The Platy

The Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus, Xiphophorus variatus ) Order Cyprinodontiformes, Family Poecilidae Common names Platy, Moonfish Synonyms Platypoecilius species Description The platy is an attractive, plump little fish, which has been bred to produce a wide range of beautiful colours to suit everyone’s taste. …

Freshwater Soles

By Neale Monks 5/26/05 Order Pleuronectiformes, Family Soleidae Common names: Some species are known as pan or hogchoker soles, but usually all simply referred to as freshwater flounders or freshwater soles Description Freshwater soles are all pretty similar in appearance. They are obviously very …

Updating Pictures

The Wonder of Wildwoods

The wonder of Wildwoods © Neale Monks 2007-01-11 For about a quarter mile running east of Crews Hill station, Theobalds Park Road is home to no fewer than six aquarium shops. Some are small, others large, but one in particular enjoys a …

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