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Latest fish articles and tips

In this section we aim to include useful text and articles from the hobby covering a broad range of topics. Several of the main fish clubs in the U.K will be contributing material over the coming months.

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The Large Fish Community

While most fish keepers start off with a small or medium sized community aquarium, populated with shoals of brightly coloured fish, many are slowly drawn across the floor of the aquarium shop to where the large fish lurk, often in …

Ricefish: fish for tropical and coldwater nano aquaria

On a recent trip to Maidenhead Aquatics at Harlestone Heath were came across the lovely little Javanese Ricefish Oryzias javanicus, and in the last year or so several shops have started trading the spectacular Sulawesi Ricefish Oryzias woworae. So after decades …

A visit to Midland Aquatics and Reptiles

Midland Aquatics & Reptiles is an independent retailer very different to the sort of stores usually associated with that phrase. Although it does have a family feel it’s quite a large store with a bright, modern feel not always typical …

Arowanas: the legendary dragonfishes

The family Osteoglossidae, commonly called arowanas, includes ten species of large, primitive fish distributed right across the tropics. Because they cannot tolerate salt water, the existence of such closely related fishes across South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia mystified biologist …

Leaf fish: Challenging predators for the experienced aquarist

Leaf fish are predatory fish that have the shape and mottled brown colour of rotting leaves. In the wild they rely on this camouflage to stay hidden from their prey, which is invariably captured by stealth rather than speed. Most …

Updating Pictures

So now you're a foster parent

Nature being what it is, it isn't really the task of the fish keeper to persuade fish to spawn - they are quite keen on the idea all on their own. Provided you are giving them the environment they need, …

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