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In this section we aim to include useful text and articles from the hobby covering a broad range of topics. Several of the main fish clubs in the U.K will be contributing material over the coming months.

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A Show Tank in the Home

A SHOW TANK in the HOME? by R. C. Mills (Dick Mills will be well known to many readers as the ex-editor of "The Aquarist and Pondkeeper" magazine in the UK. - He is still very actively involved with both …

Rift Valley Cichlids, part 2: Marvellous Malawi

Last time we looked at Lake Tanganyika, the largest of the African Rift Valley lakes. While Lake Malawi is a little smaller than Lake Tanganyika, it is home to several times more species of cichlid. Current estimates put the number …

The Platy

The Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus, Xiphophorus variatus ) Order Cyprinodontiformes, Family Poecilidae Common names Platy, Moonfish Synonyms Platypoecilius species Description The platy is an attractive, plump little fish, which has been bred to produce a wide range of beautiful colours to suit everyone’s taste. …

The Clown Loach

The Clown Loach (Botia macracanthus) Order Cypriniformes, Family Cobitidae Common names Clown Loach, Tiger Loach Synonyms Cobitis macrancanthus Description The clown loach is a very striking fish, being a bright orange ornamented with three wide black stripes (although slight variations in the normal stripes do occur). They …

The Kuhli Loach - A Fish With Nine Lives

‘Kuhli loach’ is a name applied to a variety of eel-like fishes from the loach family. The nicest ones are attractively striped with vertical orange or yellow irregular bands on a black background, but there can be considerable variety in …

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Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Amphibians

Amphibians of various types are commonly sold in aquarium shops, but on the whole they don't make good companions for tropical fish. As we'll see in this article, frogs, toads, newts and salamanders are best treated as subjects for their …

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