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In this section we aim to include useful text and articles from the hobby covering a broad range of topics. Several of the main fish clubs in the U.K will be contributing material over the coming months.

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Visiting the Aquatic Design Centre, London

The Aquatic Design Centre on Great Portland Street is really two businesses in one. Apart from the retail store, of which more will be said shortly, the Aquatic Design Centre also installs and maintains ponds and aquaria. Their client list …

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The Wonder of Wildwoods

The wonder of Wildwoods © Neale Monks 2007-01-11 For about a quarter mile running east of Crews Hill station, Theobalds Park Road is home to no fewer than six aquarium shops. Some are small, others large, but one in particular enjoys a …

Ctenopoma, the African Climbing Perch

By Neale Monks Order Perciformes, Suborder Anabantoidei, Family Anabantidae Introduction The African climbing perches (sometimes referred to as “bush fish”) are labyrinth fish, and so are closely related to the much more familiar gouramis and bettas, which all come from Asia. Although …

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The rare and remarkable red-eye pufferfish

The red-eye puffers are a quartet of species that are only rarely traded but are eagerly sought out by discerning aquarists. One species, Carinotetraodon lorteti, has been kept infrequently by aquarists for decades, but the three other species, Carinotetraodon irrubesco, …

A Rainbow in the Tank

A Rainbow in the Tank Those of us who live in areas where the kettle is permanently coated with a layer of white fuzz and you need half a bottle of shampoo to get a few bubbles may well look at …

Maidenhead Aquatics at Windsor

Maidenhead Aquatics at Windsor is a relatively new addition to the Maidenhead Aquatics chain. At first glance the store looks quite small, but that’s deceptive, and the store actually has a surprisingly wide range of fish and dry goods on …

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