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Altolamprologus compressiceps 'gold head'(Goldhead Compressiceps, Goldface Compressiceps)

Similar to standard Altolamprologus compressiceps, but the background colour of the fish is lighter and the head is lemon-yellow, except for the lips, which are blue-grey.

Sexual dimorphism is apparent when the fish are mature, with males being larger and more deeply bodied than females. Otherwise, the sexes are similar and difficult to tell apart when young.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

These fish are endemic to Lake Tanganyika and are primarily rock dwellers. They are predatory fish and should therefore only be kept with fish of a similar size.

They should be provided with plenty of rock work which has caves and other suitable hiding places. Males are larger than the females. When breeding the female will select a cave which is small enough for her to fit in, but not big enough for the male. As a result the male will fertilise the eggs from outside the cave. Once the eggs are laid the female will prevent any fish from entering the cave and she will not leave until the fry are at the free swimming several days later. At this time it is a good idea to remove the parents otherwise there is a strong possibility the fry will be eaten.

Family Group: African Cichlids
Distribution Zambian and Tanzania coastline, Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Temperature 23-27C
Size 14 cm (males); 9 cm (females)
Water Parameters Hard, alkaline water essential
Water PH Ideally between 8.0 and 8.5

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