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J5 Retro fit LED Lighting from Arcadia

05 December 2016

Arcadia, one of the industry's leading fish tank lighting manufacturers have launched a range of new J5 LED lighting which is a direct replacement for their standard TF Juwel fluorescent lamp. The benefits of the new J5 lamps are many and the range is varied to cater for all types of set up such as:-

Marine White
18000K White light for marine aquariums.
Ideal also for cichlids and discus enhancing their natural colours.
Replicates shallow ocean light conditions.

Matrine Blue
Contains high energy Actinic light.
Bio Fluoresces Corals.
3 different blue LEDs.

Freshwater Pro
Ideal for Aquascaping.
Enhances rich green colours.
Powerful penetrating lamp ideal for
plant growth.
Accentuates the fish colours brightness.

Tropical Pro
Ideal for Aquascaping.
Warm tropical colour.
Powerful penetrating lamp ideal for
plant growth.
Accentuates reds and blues

The new lamps use just one third of the electricity of their fluorescent equivalent whilst also offering double the PAR and double the Lux. The new lamps come with a two year guarantee.

There is a short video available on the Arcadia Facebook page which you can access click here.