Stock list update: Amwell Aquatics@ Epping

05 February 2017

Amwell Aquatics based in Epping have updated their stock list today. They have a superb range of fish available with many rarities to be found among their tropical section. Amwell Aquatics actively seek out fish to stock that are rare and not usually stocked by other fish shops providing their customers with the opportunity to buy and keep rare species. Among the many interesting species currently in stock are the rarely seen Hypancistrus zebra (L46). This was one of the most popular L-number catfish in the aquarium hobby, this species was sadly over-collected during the 1990s and became rather rare in the wild. Consequently, exports of wild-caught fish were banned, and all fishes seen in aquarium stores currently are tank-bred. If you are interested in a breeding project these fish are ideal.

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