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Welcome to the tropical fish finder news service. We aim to be the complete resource for anyone that is keen on fish keeping, and in this section we will give you the latest news from the world of fish keeping as well as any future developments we are planning.

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Squeakers and Synos: hardy African catfish

News item | 18 February 2018

The family Mochokidae is one of the smaller catfish families, but it is very well known among aquarists thanks to the diverse and adaptable genus Synodontis. These catfish come from a wide range of habitats, from fast-flowing mountain streams through …

Loaches and Catfish at WaterZoo

News item | 09 February 2018

The readers of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine have consistently voted The WaterZoo one of the best aquarium shops in the country, and with good reason. It's a big store with impressive selections of coldwater, tropical and marine fish. Staff are very …

The African oddballs

News item | 02 February 2018

Unusual fish to add interest to your community tank The African fish fauna is extremely diverse, including large numbers of relatively primitive groups of fish, such as bichirs and mormyrids, living alongside things like cichlids that evolved, in geological terms at …

Stock list review : Wildwoods Tropicalfish2yourdoor

News item | 21 January 2018

Tropical Fish 2 Your Door (TF2YD) is the biggest mail order tropical fish delivery service in the UK. Operated in conjunction with one of the UK's best known tropical fish stores, Wildwoods in Enfield. It's been said that when it …

Corydoras rarities at Wildwoods

News item | 13 January 2018

You can always be sure of an interesting selection of Corydoras on a visit to Wildwoods based in Enfield, Middlesex and at present there are several species on their lists which are rarely seen in the hobby, such as the …

Latest import news at Abacus Aquatics

News item | 05 January 2018


True Parrot cichlid now available on Tropicalfish2yourdoor

News item | 02 January 2018

The rarely seen Parrot cichlid, Hoplarchus psittacus is currently available on Wildwoods Tropicalfish2yourdoor online shop. These fish are not the "blood parrot" hybrid cichlids somewhat like fancy goldfish in shape and colour, but large cichlids from the Amazon basin. Juveniles are …

The rare and remarkable red-eye pufferfish

News item | 17 December 2017

The red-eye puffers are a quartet of species that are only rarely traded but are eagerly sought out by discerning aquarists. One species, Carinotetraodon lorteti, has been kept infrequently by aquarists for decades, but the three other species, Carinotetraodon irrubesco, …

No Snakehead ban? - Your questions answered

News item | 09 December 2017

Snakeheads are freshwater fish native to Asia and Africa. Although the family includes some large species used primarily as food, many of the smaller species have become well established in the aquarium trade. The smaller species, such as Channa stewartii …

Rare Rainbowfish at Wildwoods

News item | 03 December 2017

Rare Rainbows! Our latest shipments have now completed their time in our quarantine facility and are ready for the sales tanks. New for this week are: Melanotaenia kamaka Melanotaenia maylandi Melanotaenia Sp. 'Kaladiri' Melanotaenia mcullochi 'Skull Creek' Chilatherina Sp. Kali Awalim' Chilatherina alleni 'Wapoga' Chilatherina senteniensis We've still got …


News item | 24 November 2017

Knifefishes come from half a dozen different families but all share a broadly similar appearance. They are somewhat eel-like in shape but with an anal fin that runs most of the length of the body from the abdomen to the …

Rare A Grade Goldfish now in stock at the Aquatic Design Centre

News item | 17 November 2017

The Aquatic Design Centre based in South West London have taken delivery of some very high quality Goldfish, the details for which are below:- Hi Everyone, we have a large selection of beautiful A Grade Goldfish ready for sale this weekend …

Over 1,000 fish die in Tokyo Aquarium

News item | 12 November 2017

A sad tale of a mass fish die off at a Tokyo Aquarium which appears to have been due to a lack of oxygen as a result of filtration being switched off. To read the full story please click on …

Wildwoods is recruiting

News item | 08 November 2017

Wildwoods is recruiting! If you’d like to join one of the country’s busiest aquatic centres and think you have relevant expertise, why not pop in to see us, or send in your CV. Ideally, applicants should have experience in the aquatic trade …

More than 670 fish seized by Police in Brazil

News item | 30 October 2017

A recent news item shows the perils that endangered fish still face in Brazil. More than 670 fish, two species of which are yet to be described and one that is endangered were found in large suitcases packed in bottles …

Rainbow rarities at Wildwoods

News item | 24 October 2017

Wildwoods based in Enfield, Middlesex are very good at importing rare species of Rainbowfish and they have added three more species to their list which are now available through their Tropicalfish2yourdoor shop. The latest arrivals are listed below and if …

Real Aquatics opens TF2YD shop

News item | 18 October 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Real Aquatics have joined TF2YD on Tropicalfishfinder. They will not be supplying fish at ths stage but they will be listing everything you might need for the aquarium hobby from heaters, filters …

Aquatic Design Centre assist with Damien Hirst work

News item | 15 October 2017

If you are seeking art with a difference the latest creation by Damien Hirst might be of interest. The work has been titled Lost Love and contains along with live fish a computer and a gynecologist’s chair. Given the expertise …

Waspfish, Toadfish and their relatives

News item | 14 October 2017

Toadfish and waspfish are distantly related but similar groups of predatory fish found in freshwater, brackish water and saltwater habitats. As the 'toadfish' name suggests, these fish are not brightly coloured and rely on their drab colouration to blend into …

Barbs for the community aquarium

News item | 06 October 2017

Taxonomy and Distribution Barbs are a non-phylogenetic group of fish made up of members of the family Cyprinidae. Over 30 genera are typically included in this group, particularly Barbus and Puntius. Many of the species more commonly seen in the …

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