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Our Central London store has everything you need for any aquarium, be it freshwater community, planted aquascape, or marine reef system.

Our young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team are ready to help out in 8 languages! Whatever your requirements we will be able to realize your vision, from beginners to expert aquarists.

We have two floors filled with fish, coral, aquatic plants, tanks and equipment to choose from. Come and browse over 350 tanks of marine and freshwater livestock.

We offer a huge range of fish, including rare and exclusive species, which are quarantined and de-wormed prior to sale. We have a large back of house quarantine facility to ensure the best health of the imported fish.

Highest quality potted aquarium plants. Tropica and Dennerle deliveries every Thursday plus plenty of rare stuff growing in our stunning planted displays.

Quality equipment from all leading manufacturers including Deltec, Aquamedic, Juwel, Eheim, Aqua One, Arcadia.
Tunze equipment available.

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107-111 Great Portland Street


Contact name: Greg

Telephone: 0207 580 6764



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Aquatic Design Centre currently have the following special offers available:

High Grade Bettas
Last Updated: 10 June 2015


Eheim Vivaline 126
Last Updated: 19 June 2015

Eheim Vivaline 126
Hi Guys we have the last brand new aquarium+cabinet set from Eheim. Its on special offer starting now, so grab yourself a bargain while it lasts. Drop by the shop to pick it up.

Comes equipped with:
• Eheim BioPower 200 filter
• JAGER 100w heater
• Biological filter media
• T5 Lighting
• "soft close" hinges
Technical Info;
Volume approx. 126L
Tank dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight) 80cm x 35cm x 45cm.
Glass thickness 6mm - Lighting 2x24w (T5)

RRP: £376.00
NOW £250

New Cichlids
Last Updated: 21 June 2015

We currently have beautiful Apistogramma Hongsloi “Golden Red” pairs in stock.
They adapted very well and are ready to go.
Pop in and have a look at our systems full of amazing cichlids.

Have a look yourself

Shoaling fish!
Last Updated: 08 June 2015

Just a quick reminder that when you buy 5 tropical shoaling fish the 6th one is always free!

Mini Dragon Loaches
Last Updated: 23 June 2015

Hello everyone

We recently received some rare and beautiful Schistura pridii!
They are looking wonderful and settling in well despite being wild, they are now for sale for £18.95 each.

If you're interested then please drop by the shop or call in to reserve some.

Panda Loaches
Last Updated: 29 June 2015

Yaoshania pachychilus Panda Loaches
Hello Everyone
We just got some very rare Protomyzon pachychilus! More commonly known as panda loaches, these beautiful fish just arrived the other day and are perfectly fine in our tanks. They are now on sale for £15.49 each or £40 for 3 of them. If you’re interested then come have a look in our shop or call in to have them reserved so you can pick them up.
If you wish to know more about them then feel free to read about them on Seriously Fish, it’s a very reliable source of information and will tell you all you need to know about keeping them in your tank.
Check out a video of them in their new home!

Aqua Nano 40 second hand
Last Updated: 30 June 2015

Hello everyone
A customer recently changed his mind and returned a Aqua Nano 40 tank just one day after he bought it. It’s in near perfect condition, it comes in with lighting, a heater and filtration system. It is now on sale for a special price.
RRP £119.99
Now for £85.00

Call in to reserve or give us a visit to buy the tank.

Broms at The Aquatic Design Centre
Last Updated: 04 July 2015

Due to popular demand we finally ordered a huge variety of terrarium/vivarium plants!
We currently have a few of each but call in to reserve/check availability.
Bullbophyllum tingabarinum x 3
Barbosella dusenii x 2
Coelogyne pandurata cf Ableger x 1
Dendrochillum filliforme x 2
Oncidium meirax x 2
Pleurothallis hermirhoda x 2
Tillandsia dyeriana x2
Lebermoos auf Xaxim x 2
Lycopodium squarrosum x 2
Lycopodium phlegmarioides x 2
Polypodium formosanum x 4
Neoregelia ampullacea var x lilliputeana x5
Neoregelia Anteia 2 pc x2
Neoregelia Cheers x 2
Neoregelia Hybride DS x 2
Neoregelia Fire Ball x 4
Neoregelia Hybrid 104 x 1
Neoregelia schultesiana Hawaii Red x 2
Neoregelia schultesiana Hawaii x 4
Neoregelia Hybrid small x 6
Neoregelia olens Vulcan x 4
Neoregelia tigrina Rot x 4
Neoregelia x 111 x 6
Vriesea guttata dark form x 3
Vriesea vagans x 3
Vriesea guttata dark auf kurk x 2
Vriesea Era Flowering x2
Aechmea orlandiana x 2
Lecanopteris celebica x 2
Xaximtopf x 6
Tillandsia festucoides x 5
Tillandsia kirchhoffiana x 4
Tillandsia seleriana x 4
Tillandsia usneoides x 4
Tillandsia flabellate x 4

Check them out yourself over on our Youtube channel.

Pantodon buchholzi (African Butterfly Fish)
Last Updated: 30 July 2015

Hello everyone
We now have Pantodon buchholzi (African Butterfly fish) on sale! These exotic and exciting fish make a great addition to any tank in order to add some variety and life to a tank. They are rather aggressive but if kept with medium-sized tank or bigger they will should not be very problematic. They eat small insects as well as artemia/bloodworms along with a few others but they are exclusively surface-feeders so make sure they actually get their share of the food before the other fish get to it.
If you wish to keep these amazing fish but don’t know much about them, feel free to read the article about them over at Seriously Fish.

Ruby tetras (Axelrodia riesei )
Last Updated: 28 August 2015

The wait is finally over. We recently received a batch of the wonderful Ruby Tetras! They are currently being quarantined but should be good to go in a short while. They are rather uncommon so we tend to have them in stock maybe once or twice a year so you have to hurry If you are interested in acquiring some. They are really beautiful and really rare so don't waste this amazing opportunity to get some for your tank.

Fluval Edge
Last Updated: 28 August 2015

We have only one Fluval Edge 23L Black in stock. It is a small, compact and stylish tank with a sleek design which has built in lighting and a built in filter. It is now on sale for a special price so if you are interested then pop by the shop or call in to reserve it.

Was: £139.99

Now only £89.99

Brazillian Reidi Seahorse Yellow
Last Updated: 12 September 2015

These magnificent creatures are truly a sight to behold and we currently have them in one of our tanks. Not only are they some of the most colorful and beautiful species of seahorses available to keep as pets, but they are also huge compared to other seahorse species. Due to the very limited availability they are released into the European market only a few times a year. These particular seahorses were specifically handpicked from the wholesaler in order to chose the best of the best and they are now ready for sale.

Pair: £395.00

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