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Jaguar livebearer Jenynsia onca

Very unusual species of livebearer. Beauitiful markings! …

Category: Livebearers - Miscellaneous

Size: 2-3cm

Price: £8.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 20 in stock

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Silver Halfbeak Dermogenys sp. "silver"

A small halfbeak that does well in slightly soft to slightly alkaline water. It does not need brackish water. The species sold as the silver halfbeak is thought to be Dermogenys sumatrana but may be a variety of Dermogenys pusilla. Compared with typical Dermogenys pusilla, they are difficult …

Category: Livebearers - Miscellaneous

Size: 3-4cm

Price: £4.25 each

Discount: Buy 6 or more Silver Halfbeak Dermogenys sp. "silver" and get 10% off!!

Stock: 20 in stock