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Aquarium A4050650 Home 40 Aqua Scaping Aquarium White

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Aquarium A4050650 Home 40 Aqua Scaping Aquarium White

The Superfish Home 40L is modern aquarium which comes complete with aqua flow 100 filter plus a 2 colour (white and blue) LED sunrise lighting system to simulate the natural sunrise by intensifying the light level slowly..

The Home 40 from Superfish is a sleek
modern "plug and play" aquarium.
Modern design
ideal for aqua-scaping.
Dual color LED lighting
long lasting, safe and energy saving.
Touch control
lighting with dimming function.

LED fingertouch operation, dimmable and with on/off mode for timer operation.

The Home 40 from Superfish is a sleek, modern "plug and play" aquarium that's equipped with a built-in filter and energy-efficient LED lighting. Ideal for aquascaping, it features: Two colour LED white and blue LED touch control with dimming and on/off states for operation with a timer Sunrise Lighting: simulating a natural sunrise where the light level slowly intensifies to a maximum, over a 30 second period Built-in Aqua-Flow 100 filter A filter chamber that can accommodate an optional combi heater A secure, acrylic cover to prevent fish jumping out.

Instructions supplied.
Check glass and seals for wear or damage before use.
Assemble cabinet and locate aquarium before filling to capacity.
Clean aquarium glass, filter trays, filtration media, pump and heater with detergent-free water prior to use.
Do not attempt to move aquarium when filled with water.
Ensure pump is fully submerged at all times. If flow degrades check pump impeller and pipework for blockage.
Clean equipment regularly using existing aquarium water to rinse foams to avoid loss of beneficial bacteria.
Do not leave livestock in static water or expose to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.
We do not recommend leaving light on longer than 8 hours daily.
A regular general aquarium maintenance routine is recommended.
All aquarium fish tanks should be cycled prior to adding permanent livestock.
It is recommended that T8 bulbs are renewed every 6-12 months to maintain efficiency.
It is recommended that active carbon filter media is renewed every 3-6 months.