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King British Algae Guard 100ml

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King British Algae Guard 100ml

Dennerle Aqua Elixier - water condition with Moringa tree extract.

Creates healthy aquarium waterNeutralises chlorine and binds toxi metalsMoringa tree extractLarge 250ml bottle
To create healthy aquarium water for freshwater fish (not suitable for salt water).

Aqua Elixier renders critical substances in tap water harmless and adds active substances.

Neutralises harmful chlorine instantly and binds toxic heavy metals such as copper and lead.
Protects the gills, mucous membranes and fins of fish using high-quality protective colloids, ideal for healthy, vibrant coloured fish.

Contains valuable leaf-extract from the moringa tree (Moringa oleifera), the "Tree of Life".

250ml will treat up to 1250 litres.

Dose: 2ml per 10 litres of water.

Mix Aqua Elixir Moringa with water before adding.