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Colombo A5010187 CO2 Set Pro Advance 800g

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Colombo A5010187 CO2 Set Pro Advance 800g

With 800 grams disposable bottle you have enough CO 2 to weeks of CO 2 add.

A simple way
to supply CO2 to your planted aquarium.
and convenient in setting up.
unobtrusive and will not deform.
A simple way to
efficiently dissolve CO2 into the aquarium water.

Suitable for aquariums from 50-150 liters.

Follow instructions regarding connection of CO2 to diffuser in aquarium.
Fill diffuser during the day, ensuring that all CO2 is gone before switching lights out.
Plants do not require additional CO2 at night.
In well stocked aquariums, gentle aeration with an air pump at night is recommended.
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