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Striped Snakehead Channa striata

Category: Predatory - Snakeheads

Size: 10-11cm

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Water Chemistry: Adaptable

Sociability: Aggressive

Care Level: Expert only

Schooling Fish: No

Diet: Special Needs

This is a rarely seen ALBINO striata.

Further details:

Further information can be found below:

Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.0 and Neutral
Breeding: TBC
Volume Discount: No discounts available
Size: 10-11cm

Channa striata (Striped Snakehead)

A large, streamlined species. Mottled brown with chevron-shaped markings on its flanks. Paler underneath.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Primarily a food fish. Because of its large size not recommended for home aquaria. In public aquaria it is known to be a hardy and adaptable fish, but too aggressive to keep in mixed species settings.

Fish Details:

Further fish details are shown below:

Distribution Southeast Asia
Temperature 24-26 C
Size 100 cm
Water Parameters Adaptable, but avoid extremes
Water PH 6.0-8.0