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TF2YD Stores > Wildwoods > Danios, Devarios and similar

Welcome to the Wildwoods online TFF shop. The latest fish stock we have for online ordering is listed below. Click on a stock item for full details and to buy your fish now. Remember we have thousands of other fish not yet listed so if you are looking for something in particular, please contact us direct. Order BEFORE 12.30 to ARRIVE BEFORE 12.30 the following day. (Excl.Scotland which is 4.00pm) There are no deliveries on Sunday & Monday. Saturday deliveries are possible but carry a surcharge imposed by the courier (Sorry no Saturday deliveries to Scotland)

Before you place an order with Wildwoods, please consider the following:

Many of our fishes are rare or may have very specific requirements, please do not order fish unless you are certain that you are able to look after them correctly and house them appropriately when they are adult. Please do not order too many fishes at once and ensure that your aquarium is fully matured before adding new arrivals. Please ensure that the fishes that you purchase are compatible with each other or with your existing livestock as we are unable to exchange them after purchase. Wildwoods award winning Fish House has been supplying the UK hobbyist for more than thirty years; we care about our fish and will only supply stock that we believe to be in top condition and fit to travel. At this time Wildwoods only ship freshwater tropical and temperate livestock; not marines.
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Devario aequipinnatus
Giant Danio Danio aequipinnatus Devario aequipinnatus
Category: Danios, Devarios and similar
Size: 4-5cm
Price: 3.95 each
Discount: Buy 6 or more Giant Danio Danio aequipinnatus Devario aequipinnatus and get 5% off!!
Stock: 25 in stock
Full details
These are Golden giant danios - the first ones we've had for several years! ...
Osphronemus goramy
Giant Gourami Osphronemus goramy
Category: Anabantoids -Gouramies
Size: 8-10cm
Price: 28.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 1 in stock
Full details
This is a 'Golden' (Albino) Giant Gouramy ...
Rineloricaria sp. Red Lizard Catfish, Red Whiptail L010a
Category: Catfish - Loricariidae
Size: 5-6cm
Price: 16.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 5 in stock
Full details
German bred Red 'Tiffany' whiptails. 1st batch for a long while! ...
Giant Whiptail Pseudohemiodon laticeps
Category: Catfish - Loricariidae
Size: 16-17cm
Price: 47.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 2 in stock
Full details
Very rarely traded species. ...
Boulengerella maculata
Spotted Pike Characin Spotted Gar Boulengerella maculata
Category: Characins - Aggresive or predatory
Size: 9-10cm
Price: 29.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 1 in stock
Full details
All Boulengerella are large, pike-like characins with long, pointed jaws filled with sharp teeth. The differences between the species are often subtle, with Boulengerella maculata and Boulengerella lateristriga in particular being easily confused. Unlike the other members of the genus, these two species have their dorsal fins at ...
Oligancistrus sp. L020
Category: Catfish - Loricariidae
Size: 8-9cm
Price: 23.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 12 in stock
Full details
L019, a Baryancistrus sp. and L020, an Oligancistrus sp., have been confused in the past. Juveniles are somewhat similar, being grey-brown with large pale spots. Adult L019 are much larger and densely covered in numerous small off-white to yellow spots. ...
L 097 pseudacanthicus sp.
Polka Dot Cactus Pleco L 097 pseudacanthicus sp.
Category: Catfish - Loricariidae
Size: 14-16cm
Price: 129.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 6 in stock
Full details
Very rarely available species. Cracking catfish! ...
Pseudancistrus sp. L067
Category: Catfish - Loricariidae
Size: 10-11cm
Price: 32.95 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 8 in stock
Full details
Lovely species of L Number plec. Rarely traded. ...
Hyphessobrycon bentosi
Bentos Tetra Hyphessobrycon bentosi
Category: Characins - Community
Size: 2-3cm
Price: 2.65 each
Discount: Buy 10 or more Bentos Tetra Hyphessobrycon bentosi and get 10% off!!
Stock: 60 in stock
Full details
Similar to the more widely seen bleeding heart tetra, but not so large, and lacking the red spot on the flanks. The body has a pinkish colour. Males are more strongly coloured and have an extended dorsal fin. An attractive, undemanding species. ...
Scobinancistrus aureatus Goldie Plec, Sunshine Plec L014
Category: Catfish - Loricariidae
Size: 30-32cm
Price: 225.00 each
Discount: No discounts available
Stock: 1 in stock
Full details
One only at this XL size. ...
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