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Keeping a Vampire Pleco (Available at Lee Valley Aquatics, Essex)

20 January 2020

Leporacanthicus joselimai (L264) is also known as the Sultan Pleco or even Vampire Plec. The reason they are commonly referred to as 'vampire plecs' is due to their unique upper jaw dentition (exhibited by members of this genus) unsurprisingly consisting …

Keeping and Breeding Rasboras

18 January 2020

The fish we call rasboras are small, colourful schooling fish from East Africa and a wide area of Asia that spans the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Most of the species aquarists keep come from Southeast Asia where …

Fish Spawning: An Overview

08 January 2020

No matter how long an aquarist has been keeping fish, there are certain landmarks that stand out in the memory. Even when the first tank and the fish in it are long gone, everyone remembers their first aquarium and their …

Happy New Year

01 January 2020

Wishing our wonderful Tropical Fish Finder readers and customers a Happy New Year! Email us on if you have any special New Year requests for us to help you find your next dream fish... …

The Waterzoo's Mokele Mbembe Bichir: Dinosaur Extinction Survivor?

27 December 2019

These beautiful Bichirs are rarely imported. They are practically living fossils- 60 million years old fossilisations are known which can be assigned to recent species, all of which have so far originated from Africa. This …

Gorgeous Cichlids in TF2YD and....Merry Christmas!

24 December 2019

Wildwoods online shop have a really lovely mix of community, oddball and cichlids :   Polypterus endlicheri – Jumbo L014 Scobinancistrus aureatus – 3 sizes Tucanoichthys tucano Cryptoheros cutteri Garra flavatra Hoplias curupira Corydoras eques Megalechis thoracatum – albino Neolamprologus ocellatus ‘gold’  Please visit their shop …

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The Water Zoo

The Water ZooThe Water Zoo is one of the largest aquatic retailers in East Anglia, occupying over 7000 square feet & has been voted as one of the top aquatic shops in the country by readers of PFK magazine.

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Tropical fish 2 your door

Tropical fish 2 your door

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Rate your purchaseYou can now buy your Fish & Corals goods online from our TropicalFish2YourDoor section.

This is a fantastic service that allows some of the best shops in the country to sell their stock via the TFF website. Click on a TF2YD shop link below to find out what stock is currently available.


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Fraggle Reef

Fraggle Reef are specialists in providing aquarists with a diverse and attractive selection of ethically sourced and sustainable quality coral frags from round the world. We Deliver Stunning Coral Direct To Your Home, Anywhere In The UK! Please visit our online shop on 'Tropical Fish 2 Your Door' . Buying from us couldn’t be simpler. Just browse our beautiful collection, choose the coral frags you’d like, checkout and we’ll get them packed up and shipped out to you right away. So if you are hoping to create a beautiful display in your aquarium, or are buying as a gift, we’ll make sure … <more>

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Wildwoods are fish specialists. We supply many thousands of fishes annually from all corners of the globe. Our purpose built Tropical Fish House is amongst the largest in Britain and contains hundreds of types of fish, from easy community varieties right through to some of the world’s rarest and most unusual species. Shipments of fish are delivered to Wildwoods several times every week and are all unpacked in our modern quarantine facility where they are acclimatised and settled for a period whilst we monitor their health status. All of our tropical fishes are only offered for sale when we are … <more>