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A glittery rarity: Limia Perugiae at Lee Valley Aquatics

This stunning and unique specimen can finally be found at Lee Valley Aquatics which is based in Essex. Lee Valley Aquatics is an independent aquatics store specialising in all kinds of freshwater fish.

These wild-type livebearer fish originate from Dominican Republic and will grow up to around 10cm. With an active temperament similar to that of a platy, they are a truly a captivating fish to watch. Unlike most other fish, their true intensity can not be appreciated via photograph. This fast paced fish is greatly spangled presenting with a very light blue to green strong iridescence (in other words, super glittery!)

A community tank would be well suited to our glittery friends as they make for good tank mates. However it may be worth mentioning that shrimp may get snacked on. They are best bought in pairs as a minimum and are commonly known to be an easy breeding fish. Their gestation period is 24 days to which they can then produce anywhere from 20-100 fry.

With regards to water conditions, in their native habitats they come from freshwater streams, lakes and sometimes salt water habitats. They have been known to even do well in both hard and soft water conditions. Even though the Limia Perugiae is hardy, a pH of 7.8-8 and temperatures of around 25C are most ideal.

Continuing down the road of being easy to look after, Limia Perugiae are also not fussy eaters, they will eat flakes and live feed but also love grazing on hair algae- this also helps to replicate their natural environment and dietary requirements. Some live plants within the aquarium will also help them to live a happy and healthy life.

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