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RARE: Blue Eyed Pleco available at Lee Valley in Essex!

Lee Valley have updated their stock list, and among their interesting range of fish are a vast range of L numbers currently available within their Essex based shop. However there is one particular specimen which is causing quite a lot of excitement... it is the highly sought after Blue Eyed Pleco!

The Blue Eyed Pleco (Panaque cochliodon) is a highly impressive fish, with it's deep dark grey body and bright turqious eyes. This Blue Eyed Plec is so rare that if you find one in the UK you’ll be one of a small handful of people to ever see these fish in the flesh...

This species is now only very rarely traded because it's natural habitat lies within regions too dangerous for most fish collectors to visit!

A peaceful, retiring catfish that combines well with most aquarium fish. When looked after properly they are hardy, long-lived and highly rewarding to keep.

For more information about buying this gorgeous specimen, contact Lee Valley Aquatics on: 01992 444393

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