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Shopping for Shellfish: Shrimp

Are you considering setting up a shrimp tank? Perhaps you have a nano tank and are working out what to do with it…

Freshwater aquarium shrimp are such fun to keep and a rewarding species to observe. Shrimp are generally very peaceful and active and best of all, they are so easy to care for. There are four main species more commonly sold in the LFS, but our favourite here at Tropical Fish Finder are most definitely Cherry shrimp. This is because they come in a huge range of vibrant colours, they are not too difficult to breed, they are one of the few good choice of species for a nano tank and they’re slightly more accepting to a wider range of water parameters compared to other breeds of shrimp.

They have a life span of around 2 years, grow to around 3.5cm and require a minimum tank size of 3 gallons (14L) to thrive. Ensure your tank is not high in nitrates, as these are harmful to fish and shrimp. Performing water changes weekly or even twice weekly is a great idea. Remember, stocking the tank with plants will also help reduce nitrate levels as plants use nitrates as nutrition.

Cherry Shrimp are the most commonly purchased species of shrimp and they fall into one of four grades. The grades are a way of categorising the shrimp into different quality groups. These group represent the quality of the colour pattern on the shrimp.

The four main shrimp grades are:

- Painted Fire Red (Highest grade, deep red shrimp with no flaws (no translucent colouring is visible).

- Fire Red (High Grade completely red shrimp, but overall a slightly lighter shade of red than the highest grade)

- Sakura (Middle Grade, mostly red with little transparent coloring on the lower body and legs).

- Cherry (Lowest colour grade)

If you’re considering setting up a shrimp tank, here is a list of necessities:

- A minimum size tank of 14L/ 3 gallons

- Substrate (black looks great with brightly coloured shrimp)

- Heater

- Plants (Java Moss is a firm favourite amongst shrimp keepers, it is such an easy, undemanding plant to keep!)

- Water Test Kit (Check at least weekly)

- Shrimp food (obviously!)

- A Sponge filter

- Hiding places (driftwood is a wonderful choice here).

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