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Pseudosphromenus cupanus (Spiketailed Paradise Fish)

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Quiet, relatively accomodating labyrinth fish that works well in community tanks with other very peaceful species.

Male fish are pinkish-brown with two dark stripes running from the snout to the tail, and the fins are patterned with blue markings at the edges. Colours become particularly bright during spawning. Females are rather more plain, being darker, in some cases almost black.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Not aggressive, and can work well with other small labyrinth fish such as honey gouramis and the smaller bettas. Also mixes well with small characins and dwarf barbs. Do not keep with aggressive fish or species apt to nip fins.

Male builds a bubblenest in shallow water. Unusually for a gourami, both male and female will guard the nest. Once the fry emerge and become free swimming, the parents largely ignore them. The fry are not difficult to raise, and able to eat newly hatched brine shrimp without problems. They grow relatively quickly.

Family Group: Anabantoids
Distribution India
Temperature 24-28C
Size 7.5 cm
Water Parameters Neutral or slightly soft water preferred
Water PH 6.5-7.5

Useful sources of information:

To find out more about labyrinth fish the best resource available is the excellent book by Aqualog called All Labyrinths.The book covers all members of the anabantoid family with over 650 colour photographs. To buy a copy of this book click here