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Cyathopharynx furcifer (Featherfin Cichlid)

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A very variable species, at least four different geographical variants are sold to aquarists. Males are invariably more colourful than the females, and also have longer pelvic fins.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A fairly unaggressive maternal mouthbrooding species that should only be kept with other relatively mild species. Do not mix with aggressive fish such as mbuna. Males are territorial among themselves, and only one fish within the group will adopt its full colouration. Subdominant males retain the colouration of immature fish, and resemble females. Featherfins are somewhat delicate fish and need plenty of swimming space and excellent water quality.

Family Group: African Cichlids
Distribution Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Temperature 23-27C
Size Around 20 cm
Water Parameters Alkaline conditions are necessary
Water PH 7.8-9.0