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Barbus (Puntius) bimaculatus (Two Spot Barb, Red striped barb)

A small, schooling barb well suited to the community tank. They are adaptable fish, and will do well in most aquaria provided there is plenty of swimming space and the water is not too hard.

Females are essentially a metallic pink all over, while males are more slender and have a dark pink band running from the eye to the tail. This band may be present in some females, but is invariably much less pronounced. Both sexes have one black spot on the dorsal fin and another at the base of the name, hence the common name.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

This species is quite shy, and does best in a dark aquarium with floating plants and pieces of bogwood around the edges of the tank. Leave some space for swimming. Do not combine with aggressive or territorial species. Not known to be a fin nipper. Keep in groups of at least six specimens!

Breeding is possible in soft, acidic water. The fish are egg scatterers, and since they will eat their spawn, must be removed after breeding. The eggs hatch in about one day, and the fry are free swimming soo afterwards, and will take foods as large as newly hatched brine shrimp. The fry are delicate, and require excellent water quality.

Family Group: Barbs
Distribution Sri Lanka
Temperature 22-25C
Size 7 cm
Water Parameters Soft, acidic water essential
Water PH 6.5-7.0

Useful sources of information:

For a well illustrated and detailed reference guide on this and many other fish, consider the Baensch Aquarium Atlases. Volume 1 contains all the common species, and later volumes cover more unusual species. You can buy these books here.

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