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Barbus(Puntius) denisonii (Denison Barb)

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A very impressive looking barb that is now becoming more common in shops is Puntius denisoni. They are native to the South Western Coast of India. You can see from the attached photograph that they have a vivid red line and for this reason they are sometimes referred to as Red-line Torpedo fish. Kept as a group they look very impressive. There is some debate as to whether there are two colour forms, the difference being that in one colour form the black line starts at the tip of the snout with more vivid colouration and their maximum size is around 10cm whilst the larger form achieves a size of around 14 to 15cm.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

These are generally peaceful fish that should be kept in a group. Bear in mind that they do get quite large so a group will need to be kept in a sufficiently sized tank.

Breeding in home aquaria has not been reported, and relatively few fishes are produced on fish farms. Most of the specimens for sale are wild-caught, which is why this species is relatively expensive. Like other barbs, these are probably egg-scatterers and under the right conditions they will probably breed quite readily. The problem for home aquarists is keeping a sufficient number of the fish and to raise them to their full adult size. There may also be necessary spawning triggers, such as live food, temperature changes, or morning sunshine.

Family Group: Barbs
Distribution India
Temperature 21-25C
Size Around 15cm
Water Parameters Should adapt to most conditions
Water PH 6.5-7.5