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Barbus gelius (Golden Dwarf Barb)

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A small, sub-tropical barb that is best kept in a species tank or with other subtropical species such as white cloud mountain minnows, hillstream loaches, and white-cheeked gobies. Do not keep at temperatures above 22 C!

This fish is semi-transparent with a warm, yellowy tint. A metallic, coppery stripe runs from the gills to the base of the tail. Males and females are essentially identical, though females tend to be more rounded and males a little more copper coloured.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A lively species that must be kept in a fair sized group, ideally at least 10 specimens. Smaller groups of these fish tend to be shy and pine away over time. Completely peaceful, it is easily bullied by more aggressive fish. Kept properly, these are very attractive and easy to keep fish.

Infrequently bred, this species can be spawned like most of the other barbs. They are egg scatterers, and the parents will eat the eggs if they are not removed. Eggs hatch in about a day, and the fry need small live foods such as infusorians.

Family Group: Barbs
Distribution -
Temperature 18-22 C
Size 4 cm
Water Parameters Soft, acidic water essential
Water PH 6.0 to 7.0

Useful sources of information:

For a well illustrated and detailed reference guide on this and many other fish, consider the Baensch Aquarium Atlases. Volume 1 contains all the common species, and later volumes cover more unusual species. You can buy these books here.