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Synodontis brichardi (Brichard's Synodontis)

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An exceptional Synodontis very different in shape to most of the species traded. A long, rather loach-like body and large, deeply-forked tail hints at its adaptation to fast-flowing waters in the Congo Rapids. Its broad mouth is similar to that of a plec, and equally well suited to holding the fish into place on rocks and boulders.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Territorial but easily bullied, best kept with midwater fish from similar fast water environments, such as medium sized tetras, danios, and barbs. Provide plenty of appropriate hiding places including rocks, bogwood, and robust plants such as Anubias and Java fern.

Like plecs, this species feeds on a mix of algae and tiny animal foods ("aufwuchs") rather than the usual variety of carrion and prey animals taken by more generalised Synodontis. In the aquarium the diet should be based around fresh algae and algae substitutes (such as algae wafers and Spirulina flake) together with occasional supplements of small animal foods.

Breeding is unknown in home aquaria.

Family Group: Catfish
Distribution West Africa: Congo River
Temperature 22-24 C
Size Up to 15 cm, usually a little smaller
Water Parameters Adaptable, but clean, well-oxygenated water essential
Water PH pH range 6-8