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Carnegiella strigata(Marbled Hatchet)

A very interesting fish that is often found in the shops. They are not the easiest of fish to keep and optimum water conditions are needed if these fish are to thrive. The fish are characterised by their deep body and almost horizontal back. These fish are surface dwellers and because of their body shape they are able to propel themselves out of the water by quite a distance which in the wild is their escape mechanism from predators lurking below.

They have very attractive colouration and these in particular are probably the most colourful of the many species of Hatchet fish. They have a silver body which is marked with black streaks.

They are shoaling fish and consequently should be kept in a group of at least six individuals.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):


They do need to be fed on live food whenever possible. Ideally insects which land on the surface of the water are ideal, but otherwise the normal live foods should suffice. However they will be very reluctant to eat any food which is not near tthe surface of the water and this should be borne in mind.

Should always be kept in a well covered tank given their ability to jump. They prefer a strong current and their ideal water conditions are soft and acidic as would be found in their natural habitat.

Breeding these fish is not easy and you will need to condition the fish on a good diet as well as provide optimum water conditions. If they do spawn the eggs will be scattered amongst any floating plants. Remove the adults immediately to prevent the eggs being eaten. The eggs should hatch and be free swimming in around two days. Feed them on infusoria followed by the usual fry foods as they get a little larger.

Family Group: Characins
Distribution South America
Temperature 24-27C
Size 5cm
Water Parameters Prefers soft, slightly acidic water
Water PH 5.5-6.8

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