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Copella nigrofasciata (Black-banded Splashing Tetra)

A slender, delicately coloured fish. There is a narrow but prominent chocolate brown band running along the side of the head through the eye; this widens on the gill covers and runs along the body onto the tail fin. The tail fin is reddish on the top lobe and yellowy below. Males are bigger than females and have more strongly developed colours.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A peaceful schooling fish that should be kept in a quiet aquarium away from nippy or aggressive species. Ideally suited to the planted aquarium.

Feeds on small live foods, flake, and frozen foods such as bloodworms. Not difficult to maintain provided it is kept in a peaceful tank and provided with excellent water quality.

Spawning is similar to other Copella species, with the eggs being deposited on flat surfaces (typically plants) just below the surface of the water. Unlike Copella arnoldi, this species does not lay its eggs above the waterline. Otherwise spawning and rearing the fry is as for other members of the genus.

Family Group: Characins
Distribution South America: River Amazon
Temperature 21-25 C
Size 4.5 cm
Water Parameters Prefers slightly soft and acidic water
Water PH 6.0-7.0
Diet Adaptable
Care Level Easy
Water Chemistry less than pH 7 - acidic
Sociability Peaceful
Schooling Fish Yes

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