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Myloplus rubripinnis (Red Hook Myleus, Myleus rubripinnis)

Also known as the "Red Hook Metynnis" this is a large, silvery characin with an approximately circular body and a bright red anal fin. On male fish, the anal fin is particularly well developed with a long "hook" at the front. A rare but very beautiful variant known as Myloplus rubripinnis "luna" is covered with rusty spots on the flanks.

Myloplus rubripinnis is a member of the subfamily Serrasalminae and thus closely related to the piranhas, but rather than being predatory it uses its powerful jaws and strong teeth to eat vegetation. Has been reported to inflict serious bites when handled, so should be treated with respect.

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Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A schooling fish, this species should be kept in groups of six or more. Must be kept in a spacious aquarium with plenty of swimming space.

Despite their size they are not particularly predatory and can be kept safely with smaller fish down to about the size of a bleeding heart tetra or platy.

Myloplus rubripinnis is in fact much more of a herbivore, and should be provided with ample supplies of algae-based flake food, blanched lettuce, spinach, tinned peas, etc. Obviously this species cannot be kept in a planted aquarium, except perhaps with distasteful species such as Java ferns.

Breeding has not been reported in home aquaria.

Family Group: Characins
Distribution South America: widespread across continent from Brazil to Venezuela
Temperature 24-26C
Size Up to 39 cm, though 10-15 cm more typical in aquaria
Water Parameters Prefers slightly soft and acidic water but adaptable; more critical is its need for clean and well oxygenated water
Water PH 6.0-7.5

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