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Phenacogrammus interruptus (Congo Tetra)

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A very pretty tetra from Africa which is commonly available in the shops. They do not always show their best colours in dealers tanks and it will not be until you have got them in ideal conditions that their vibrant colouration will be seen. Ideally they should be kept in a group and given that they do get quite large for a tetra adequate tank space will be needed.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Peaceful, but should be kept with fish of a similar size.

Condition the fish on a varied diet keeping the males and females separate. Once the fish are in good condition, place a group(at least two males to every female - the males have elongated dorsal and tail fins) in a separate tank, if you have the space, with plenty of planted matter and keep the lighting in the tank fairly dim. If the fish spawn they will scatter the eggs. Once spawning is finished remove the adults. The eggs should hatch in around six days and the fry will be free swimming after two days or so. The fry are relatively large and should take newly hatched brine shrimp.

Family Group: Characins
Distribution Congo, Central Africa
Temperature 23-26C
Size Around 8cm
Water Parameters Prefers slightly acidic and soft water, but should adapt to most water conditions.
Water PH 6.0-7.0