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L005 (Hypancistrus sp., Angelicus Pleco)

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A small, attractive plec ideally suited to a fast-water community tank alongside barbs, tetras, etc. The body is dark grey and is covered with small off-white spots. As the fish matures, the size of the spots decreases but they never become as densely packed as on some other spotted plecs.

This species comes from very clean, well-oxygenated waters and needs similar conditions in aquaria, and is very intolerant of poor filtration and high levels of nitrate. Not a good choice for an overstocked community tank, but otherwise undemanding and well worth keeping.

This particular L-number catfish has a variety of designations. L004 is merely a juvenile L005, while L028 and L073 are simply the same species collected from different places. Retailers and hobbyists sometimes refer to this species as Peckoltia angelicus, a name completely without scientific validity.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Highly territorial and best kept apart from other plecs, but tolerant of community fishes of different types. Because of its need for fast-flowing, well oxygenated water with low levels of nitrate, this species is best suited to tanks with fishes that need similar conditions.

Eats a variety of foods including some algae, but is more of a opportunistic feeder than an algae-eater, and prefers catfish pellets, small worms, insect larvae, etc. Not especially keen on vegetables or wood, though bogwood should be provided as a source of dietary fibre.

Has been bred in home aquaria. Dominant males bristle with long odontodes, whereas lesser males and females have shorter odontodes. Females are also more rounded, especially when mature. The male guards the eggs, which are deposited in a suitable burrow or cave. Eggs hatch after a week or so, and after 2-3 weeks the fry become active and start to forage. The male then largely ignores the fry.

Family Group: L Numbers
Distribution Brazil, Rio Tocantins
Temperature 24-28C
Size About 10 cm
Water Parameters Adaptable, but avoid extremes
Water PH 6.5-7.5

Useful sources of information:

DATZ are the original source of L number information.
Other information on L numbers can be found from the book All L Numbers published by Aqualog.
On the web, a comprehensive source of information on L Numbers and catfish can be found at and also