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Baryancistrus xanthellus L085 L018 (Gold Nugget Pleco)

Gold nugget plecs are so-named because of their beautiful colours. Juveniles are greenish brown in colour with large, bright yellow spots scattered across the body and thick yellow bands along the edges of the dorsal and caudal fins. As the fish mature the ground colour fades a bit and the spots appear smaller and more numerous, but the fish remains very attractive.

There are several varieties of gold nugget plec in the trade, likely all the same species. L018 is the most common sort and is collected from the lower Rio Xingu near the city of Altamira. It has medium-sized spots on its body compared with the much bigger spots seen on L177, the variety collected from the Rio Iriri tributary of the Rio Xingu. L081 is collected from a part of the Rio Xingu between Altamira and Rio Iriri. It is similar to L018 in having medium-sized spots, but differs in those spots being a much paler shade of yellow.

Because they look somewhat different, adult L018 are traded as L085, despite being the same species.

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Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

In common with other Rio Xingu fish gold nugget plecs need water that is a little warmer than normal; maintenance at a temperature of 26-28 degrees Celsius is highly recommended. While some community fish will thrive at such high temperatures, some will not, including danios, neon tetras, and many Corydoras. In addition to warmth, water quality must be excellent and there must also be plenty of water movements in the tank as well. Filtration equivalent to not less than six times the volume of the tank in turnover per hour is essential. Water chemistry is less critical, but these fish do prefer soft and slightly acidic conditions.

Feeding gold nugget plecs is not difficult as they are naturally omnivorous and will accept a wide variety of foods including algae wafers, sliced courgette, bloodworms and small pieces of seafood such as prawns and mussels. Gold nugget plecs are very territorial towards their own kind as well as other catfish, but ignore midwater fish such as tetras and other characins.

Family Group: L Numbers
Distribution Brazil, Rio Xingu
Temperature 26-28C
Size Up to 20 cm
Water Parameters Soft and slightly acidic preferred
Water PH 6.0-7.5
Sociability Peaceful
Schooling Fish No
Water Chemistry less than pH 7 - acidic
Care Level Difficult
Diet Adaptable

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