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L246 (Hypostomus sp.)

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A large, grey-brown catfosh with widely spaced, off-white spots on the body and fins. The spots and finer and more densely packed on the head and space out towards the tail.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Territorial towards its own kind and other plecs of similar shape and size, but peaceful towards other community fish. Requires a mixed diet including algae but also catfish pellets, algae wafers, bloodworms, small pieces of prawn and mussel, and perhaps also bogwood as a source of dietary fibre. Not bred in captivity.

Family Group: L Numbers
Distribution Brazil, Rio São Francisco
Temperature 24-26 C
Size Up to 30 cm
Water Parameters L Numbers are tolerant of most water conditions as long as extremes are avoided.
Water PH 6.5-7.5

Useful sources of information:

DATZ are the original source of L number information.
Other information on L numbers can be found from the book All L Numbers published by Aqualog.
On the web, a comprehensive source of information on L Numbers and catfish can be found at and also