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Ambastaia sidthimunki (Dwarf Loach/ Chain Loach)

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Yasuhikotakia (formerly Botia) sidthimunki is commonly known as the Chain Loach due to the distinctive marking of a dark chain like pattern which runs along the top of the body whilst the underside of these fish is almost silver in colouration. They are becoming more available due to reported captive breeding success although this fish is endangered in their native habitat. They make an excellent addition to any community tank and are well worth seeking out. A very lively fish that has real character.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Very peaceful although there are no details available of the conditions required for breeding success. There are no obvious sexual differences. These fish are very social and consequently they should be kept in a group of at least three fish. They will accept most foods, but especially like frozen bloodworm and brineshrimp.

Family Group: Loaches & Sharks
Distribution Thailand
Temperature 24-28°C
Size Around 6cm
Water Parameters Will adapt to most conditions
Water PH Around neutral