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Crossocheilus siamensis (Siamese Algae Eater)

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Often confused with the flying fox. On the flying fox, the band running along the body is dark black and their is a golden stripe just above it. On the Siamese algae eater this stripe is less strongly coloured and there is no gold stripe above it. In addition, the black band on the flying fox runs onto the tail fin, whereas on the Siamese algae eater the band fades away on the tail.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A territorial fish that is best kept singly in small tanks. In large aquaria it is possible to keep schools of these fish.

A superb algae eater, this is one of the few fish that will eat thread algae.

Has not been bred in aquaria.

Family Group: Loaches & Sharks
Distribution South East Asia
Temperature 24-26 C
Size 14 cm
Water Parameters Soft, acidic water preferred, but adaptable.
Water PH 6.0-7.0

Useful sources of information:

For a well illustrated and detailed reference guide on this and many other fish, consider the Baensch Aquarium Atlases. Volume 1 contains all the common species, and later volumes cover more unusual species. You can buy these books here.