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Epalzeorhynchos frenatum (Red Finned Shark)

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Dark grey red fins, an arched back, and a tall, shark-like dorsal fin. Usually sold as 3-4 cm youngsters, but note that these fish grow rapidly and get quite big!

These fish are herbivores, and need to be provided with green foods including algae wafers, blanched lettuce leaves, and slices of cucumber or courgette. They will also graze some algae from plants and rocks.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Like most of the 'sharks', these fish are territorial and potentially aggressive, and should only be kept one to a tank. These fish are boisterous by community tank standards, and should only be kept with robust species such as barbs and gouramis.

They must have a cave or at least a shady corner else they become nervous and prone to jumping.

Not easily bred in home aquaria.

Family Group: Loaches & Sharks
Distribution Thailand
Temperature 24-28C
Size 12 cm
Water Parameters Neutral conditions preferred
Water PH 6.0-7.5

Useful sources of information:

For a well illustrated and detailed reference guide on this and many other fish, consider the Baensch Aquarium Atlases. Volume 1 contains all the common species, and later volumes cover more unusual species. You can buy these books here.