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Mogurnda adspersa (Purple Spotted Gudgeon)

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Mogurnda are robust sleeper gobies noted for their bright colours. Telling species apart is difficult, as many are highly variable. Most sport differing amounts of red, yellow and blue on their bodies. In good condition they are exceptionally attractive fishes. There are no obvious differences between the sexes. The name Mogurnda comes from a Native Australian name for these fish, "mogurnd".

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A subtropical species, only raise the water to around 25 C for breeding purposes. Otherwise keep in cooler conditions, and combine with other subtropical species.

Morgunda are interesting and brightly coloured sleeper gobies. They are quite hardy and adapt well to aquarium life. They are omnivores and generally accept a range of foods including flake, frozen bloodworms, live brine shrimp, etc. Some green food is taken in the wild, so use of Spirulina flake or similar is recommended.

Generally Morgunda are territorial, somewhat aggressive, and potentially predatory, so tankmates should be chosen with care. Note that they are freshwater, not brackish water fish.

Breeding has been accomplished in the aquarium. After laying several hundred eggs, the female is driven out of the male's territory, usually the inside of a cave. He guards the eggs, removing any with fungus and fanning them carefully to keep them clean. The eggs hatch after about a week, at which point the male stops protecting them and should be removed. The fry can be reared on Artemia nauplii and other small live foods.

Family Group: Miscellaneous
Distribution Australia: New South Wales and Queensland
Temperature Subtropical: 16-20 C
Size 14 cm
Water Parameters Adaptable, but avoid extremes
Water PH 6.5-7.5