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Tanichthys albonubes (White Cloud Mountain Minnow)

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A brightly coloured, lively fish that does well in coldwater, subtropical and tropical aquaria. It's basic colour is pearly pink, tending towards yellow above and silver below. The dorsal and caudal fins are red, the pelvic and anal fins yellow. A brilliant metallic pink band runs from the gill covers to the base of the tail where it meets a small black spot. A fine blue line runs immediately underneath the pink band. Enhancing their colours is their frenetic behaviour, with the fishes often displaying their fins to one another and engaging in sham fights.

As well as the standard variety, albino and veil-tail varieties are sometimes seen.

Historically referred to as the "poor man's neon tetra", because this species was more easily obtained (and at lower cost) than the neon tetra and wasn't nearly as demanding in terms of care. While often overlooked nowadays, this species makes an excellent first fish for the newbie aquarist, and certainly a much better choice for a coldwater aquarium in a centrally heated house than goldfish.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A very hardy, hyperactive species that does best in a subtropical tank alongside other fishes that enjoy such conditions such as peppered and bearded Corydoras, hillstream loaches, danios, and subtropical tetras. While it can be acclimated to tropical temperatures, much above 25 C it will be rather short lived. On the other hand, it tolerates cold conditions rather well and in Southern England at least can be treated as a coldwater fish in centrally heated homes.

A good jumper: keep the tank covered!

Basic care is easy, as these fish will eat any small foods. Easy to breed, and essentially similar to danios in this regard.

Family Group: Rasbora, Danios & Minnows
Distribution China and Vietnam
Temperature Subtropical: 18-22 C
Size 4 cm
Water Parameters Adaptable, but avoid extremes
Water PH 6.0-8.0