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  • Source: Copyright Tropicalfishfinder

  • Source: Copyright Tropicalfishfinder

Aequidens metae

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A very attractive looking acara which is generally peaceful and make an excellent addition to a community tank

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

For cichlids they are quite peaceful. Sexing these fish is easier when they are more mature. The usual characteristics of an elongated dorsal and anal fins are found in the males whilst the females tend to be more fuller bodied. The best way to get a pair is to buy a group of juveniles and wait until you have a pair. Place the fish in a tank of their own and await developments. Always condition the fish on a good and varied diet to get them in breeding condition. It is a good idea to place a flat rock in the tank which is likely to be chosen as the surface to spawn on.

Family Group: South and Central American Cichlids
Distribution Colombia, South America
Temperature 24-26C
Size Around 20cm
Water Parameters slightly acidic to slightly alkaline
Water PH 6.5-7.5