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Pterophyllum leopoldi (Long-nosed Angelfish, Pterophyllum dumerilii)

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A distinctive angelfish similar to the common angelfish in overall shape but are more elongate and not so tall. There is also a very distinctive black spot below the base of the dorsal fin. There is usually a single band running vertically down the head through the eye; two vertical bands on the flanks (one on either side of the black spot); and a further vertical band at the base of the tail fin. The pelvic fins are white.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A peaceful but territorial fish. Juveniles form schools while adults are territorial and live in pairs. Like other angelfish, they do best in peaceful community tanks, but for breeding purposes are best kept alone. May eat very small fish, such as neons.

Breeding is similar to the common angelfish.

Family Group: South and Central American Cichlids
Distribution Brazil, Guiana
Temperature 26-30 C
Size 10 cm
Water Parameters Soft, acid water essential, filtration through peat desirable
Water PH 6.0-7.0