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Danio kyathit (Orange-fin Zebra Danio)

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Only discovered a few years ago. Both spotted and striped forms have been found for sale in the shops although it is questionable that they are all the same species.

Some variants are similar to Zebra danios with orange fins whilst others look like Leopard danios with less bright orange fins.

The pattern on these fish varies and usually encompasses either four or five rows of spots or stripes which run from the back of the gill cover to the base of the tail with two lines extending into the tail.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A typical danio as far as maintenance goes, this fish does best in a large school (ten or more specimens) and should be kept only with small, gentle tankmates.

Breeding is assumed to be similar to the other small danios, with the parents scattering eggs among plants.

Family Group: Rasbora, Danios & Minnows
Distribution Myitkina, Myanmar
Temperature 18-24 C
Size Around 4 cm
Water Parameters Soft, acid water preferred, but adaptable
Water PH 6.5-7.5