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Atyopsis moluccensis (Rock shrimp)

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The rock shrimp, Atyopsis moluccensis, is probably the most widely traded of the fan shrimps. Hailing from mountain stream in Southeast Asia, it is essentially hardy and easy to keep, provided the tips for shrimp healthcare outlined above are observed. It is a nicely coloured animal, basically reddish-brown in colour with a creamy stripe running along the back from the snout to the tail. The back half of the body also has a few cream-coloured spots. In the wild it comes from slightly soft and acidic waters, but like most of the other shrimps, has proven to be fairly adaptable as far as water chemistry goes. Rock shrimps grow to around 10 cm in length and should live for anything up to five years or so. Most premature deaths can be put down to improper feeding or harassment from more aggressive tankmates.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Fan shrimps tend to be more territorial than the smaller shrimps mentioned so far, but in large tanks with plenty of hiding places it is possible to keep multiple specimens. They are robust animals, typically growing to around 8-10 cm in length, and able to take care of themselves in most community tanks.

The most distinctive feature of this group are their fan-like appendages which they use for filter feeding. In the wild, they eat plankton, but in aquaria they seem to have no problems supporting themselves as opportunistic omnivores. They happily take things like vegetarian flake and algae wafers as well as frozen bloodworms and daphnia. Nonetheless, it is great fun to watch these shrimp using their filter feeding appendages, and often they will position themselves in the aquarium close to the strongest water current, presumably their normal behaviour in the wild. A pipette (of the type supplied with many aquarium medications, for example) can be used to squirt small amounts of suitable foods into the stream of water, from which the shrimps will happily feed. Baby fish food, lobster eggs, and marine invertebrate food can all be pressed into service for this type of feeding.

Family Group: Fan Shrimps
Distribution Southeast Asia
Temperature 24-26 C
Size 10 cm
Water Parameters Adaptable, but avoid extremes
Water PH 7.0-7.5