Schistura Colossa (Loach)

The Schistura Colossa comes from the loach family which are generally an intelligent and sociable species of aquarium fish. Therefore, the are a fascinating addition to one's aquarium. This ray-finned loach is young to the world of fishkeeping and has been logged since 2017. It originates from Asia, more specifically Southern Laos. Colossa means 'giant'. This specimen will grow to approximately 10cm as a max length- which is one of the largest species amongst the Southeast Asian nemacheilines.

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Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Loaches generally are peaceful and sociable. They will generally prefer to be kept in groups of 2 or 3.

Family Group: Loaches & Sharks
Distribution Southern Laos
Temperature -
Size 10cm
Water Parameters -
Water PH -
Sociability Peaceful

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