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Betta fusca (Dusky Betta)

A large betta that has become increasingly widely sold because it is relatively hardy and easy to keep. Not fussy about pH or hardness levels provided extremes are avoided. Will quickly learn to take flake and small pellets, but thrives on bloodworms, mosquito larvae, and small insects.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Fairly bullish species that should only be kept with quite but sturdy tankmates. Males can be aggressive, so best to keep a male with one or two females per tank.

Mouthbrooders, with the males incubating the eggs for a couple of weeks before releasing the fry. Female may stay with the male for a day or so after spawning but otherwise takes no interest in broodcare.

Family Group: Anabantoids
Distribution Sumatra
Temperature 25-30C
Size 10 cm
Water Parameters Slightly soft to moderately hard
Water PH Neutral preferred

Useful sources of information:

To find out more about labyrinth fish the best resource available is the excellent book by Aqualog called All Labyrinths.The book covers all members of the anabantoid family with over 650 colour photographs. To buy a copy of this book click here

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