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Colisa lalia (Dwarf Gourami - Rainbow)

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One of the most popular gouramis which comes in several different colour forms. Very peaceful fish which are ideal for a community tank. They do require good water conditions in order for them to thrive.

Dwarf Gouramis are labyrinth fish, which means they can breath directly from the air so sufficient surface area should be available.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Very peaceful.

Sexing them is very easy, the males have the vivid colouration whilst females in comparison look rather drab and tend to have a silver colour.

The breeding tank should have plenty of planted matter with some floating plants. They build a bubble nest and once spawning has taken place, the male will guard the nest. The female should be removed after spawning to avoid the possibility of the eggs being eaten. The eggs should hatch after around 24 hours and once the fry are free swimming approximately two days later, remove the male. Once they are free swimming, feed the fry on infusoria before moving on to newly hatched brine shrimp a few days later.

Family Group: Anabantoids
Distribution India
Temperature 23-28C
Size Around 6cm
Water Parameters Around neutral
Water PH 6.5-7.5

Useful sources of information:

To find out more about labyrinth fish the best resource available is the excellent book by Aqualog called All Labyrinths.The book covers all members of the anabantoid family with over 650 colour photographs. To buy a copy of this book click here