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Welcome to the tropical fish finder news service. We aim to be the complete resource for anyone that is keen on fish keeping, and in this section we will give you the latest news from the world of fish keeping as well as any future developments we are planning.

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100s of Pleco / L Numbers Delivered to Your Door

News item | 19 June 2021

There is always a really great range of L Number Places available with Sims Tropical. Below is a small sample list of the range you will find online. If you are searching for a Pleco to purchase, but it is …

Mates For Your Mollies 🐠

News item | 21 May 2021

The Brown Hoplo (Hoplosternum littorale) is actually a good place to start. It's a member of the Callichthyidae, the same family that contains the Corydoras catfish so popular with aquarists around the world. Compared to Corydoras it is a much …

Did Someone Say Free Delivery?

News item | 19 May 2021

Free delivery is now available on all orders over £100 in the UK with our standard overnight courier services. Don't worry, Insured and Premium UK delivery services are also still available at the checkout. Why don't you get in touch with …

The Black Lancer Catfish (In Stock)

News item | 12 May 2021

Bagrichthys macracanthus, commonly known as the Black Lancer Catfish, is a very distinctive and handsome catfish. This species is sooty-black in colour with a prominent white band running from below the dorsal fin to the base of the tail fin. Males …

Brackish Water Fishes at Sims Tropical

News item | 01 May 2021

Brackish Water Fishes Brackish water fishes are those species that inhabit the middle zone between rivers and the sea. Some of them spend their time in freshwater environments when young, and as they become older, move downstream before spending most of …

10% Discount Code for ALL Orders in April!

News item | 23 April 2021

For 10% off all online orders throughout April, use the code: thankyousims10 Have a browse of the fish available online or why not get in touch with us? We are able to source and deliver thousands of species of fish straight …

This Week's Auctions: Ending 8pm Sun 11th April

News item | 10 April 2021

We have a stunning selection of fish within our 'Auctions' section this week. Bidding is simple, email your highest bid by clicking HERE and don't forget to type your desired fish and maximum bid into the subject line. All photos …

Panaque cochliodon (Blue Eyed Pleco, Columbian Blue-Eyed Plec)

News item | 02 April 2021

This highly sought after fish is dark grey to black and has bright turquoise coloured eyes. It is a herbivorous freshwater armored catfish endemic to Colombia. There are no known sexual differences. The Blue Eyed Plec is so rare that if …

Auctions This Week (Ending Sun 28th March)

News item | 22 March 2021


Meet the Petitella Family: Rummynose Tetras

News item | 17 March 2021

The Rummynose tetra is a freshwater fish from the Characidae family. There are three very similar species which are all popular and well known in the fish-keeping community and all three species are native to South America. They can be …

Keeping Waspfish and Toadfish

News item | 12 March 2021

Toadfish and waspfish are distantly related but similar groups of predatory fish found in freshwater, brackish water and saltwater habitats. As the 'toadfish' name suggests, these fish are not brightly coloured and rely on their drab colouration to blend into …

Live Auctions: Win Your Dream Fish For Less

News item | 10 March 2021

Tropical Fish Finder / Sims Tropical Fish proudly present our new 'Auctions' section. Please feel free to use the 'AUCTIONS' tab at the top of our home page to view all the fish which are currently being auctioned. Current bidding …

The Nano Tank Guide

News item | 20 February 2021

WHAT IS A NANO TANK? Defining a ‘nano’ tank is tricky, but a good definition might be something that holds around 30 litres (6.5 gallons) or less of water and is intended to be stocked with a selection of shrimps and …

Shopping for Shellfish: Shrimp

News item | 13 February 2021

Are you considering setting up a shrimp tank? Perhaps you have a nano tank and are working out what to do with it… Freshwater aquarium shrimp are such fun to keep and a rewarding species to observe. Shrimp are generally …

Galaxy Rasbora: A Great Nano Tank Fish

News item | 07 February 2021

The Galaxy Rasbora is a small, brilliant coloured species which originates from Burma. Similar to a danio in basic shape but without barbels. The body is silvery with golden spots and the fins are red. Males are more brightly coloured …

African Rarities and Oddballs at Sims Tropical Fish

News item | 15 January 2021

Outside of the Rift Valley cichlids, African freshwater fish are still relatively uncommon in the trade, especially when compared with their counterparts from Southeast Asia and South America. That’s a shame, because many of these fish are interesting and rewarding …

Aquarium Algae: Finding A Clean-Up Crew

News item | 10 January 2021

What are the best algae eater for your tank? Freshwater Shrimp are not only an effective clean up crew, but also intriguing species to watch and enjoy. These little beauties are often considered some are the of the best algae …

In Stock: The Vivacious Vulture Catfish

News item | 28 December 2020

The Vulture Catfish are a true scavenger species in addition to being a vicious predatory. This catfish is found in South America, namely the the Orinoco and Amazon basins. This very adaptable species is mostly found in shallow waters close …

Ho-Ho-Ho! Last Chance for Pre-Christmas Delivery: 22nd Dec

News item | 19 December 2020

🎅Tis The Season To Buy Fishes! If you would like to watch and enjoy a new little addition (or six) to your aquarium over the festive period, there are a limited number of delivery spaces left for next week! If you …

10% OFF on Christmas Gift Card Purchases!

News item | 09 December 2020

We have a discount code for our lucky readers to use on everything! That's right. 10% off ALL 3,000+ species of fish, aquariums, heaters, filters etc... If that's not enough, remember we price match against all online aquatic retailers. Enter the code …

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