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Special offers at Aquahome Aquatic Centre

28 March 2013

The following offers are currently available at Aquahome Aquatic Centre based in Leyland, Lancashire. To find out more about the shop click here.

Kent Marine Bio Reef Nano Aquarium Kit with cabinet and Kent Marine Skimmer also complete with FREE STARTER KIT Only £299!!
Amazing value for money. The free starter kit is available for a limited time only and comes with a free hydrometer, salt, Kent Marine nano protein skimmer, supplements worth over £100 !

94 Litre Reef-spec Aquarium
Reef-spec High output lighting
Power compact T5 Fluorescent lamps
LED - Powerful 6 x Marine white and 4 x Marine blue

Discrete high capacity filtration
4 Stage filtration with heater and skimmer chambers

Efficient Skimming with a Kent Marine Nano Skimmer Included.

High Flow Circulation with 10 times per hour circulation. Twin flexible return pipes.

ALSO includes High flow internal powerhead pump giving a 21 times per hour flow.

A complete PLUG and PLAY system.

Also includes the Kent Marine Bio-Reef Cabinet to accomodate the aquarium also in black

For all with TFF Cards, we are offering 10% off all livestock when you present your card at the till.

This Week 3 for 2 on all indoor Interpet Treatments. Stock up while you can!