SHIPPING UPDATE: APC ban is partially lifted, deliveries will be taking place on Thursdays only.


09 July 2017

The Aquatic Design Centre have recently moved to a new location at 26, Zennor Trade Park, Zennor Rd, London SW12 0PS. To celebrate the move they have several new opening offers which we have listed below.

biOrb Classic, Halo 60L and Aquael Luna 17L
Aquael Luna 17L RRP: £81.49
Rock Work RRP: £19.00
Live Gravel and bacteria: £3.50
Mature Water: £10.00
Local Delivery and Set-up: £20.00
Total Cost at RRP: £133.99

Our Opening Offer: Aquael Luna (sold as seen) for the Low Price of £99.99 All Included.

biOrb Life 60 RRP: £343.99
Matured Water RRP: £20.00
Gravel and Bacteria RRP: £3.50
Local delivery and Set-up RRP: £20.00
Total Costs at RRP: £387.49

Our Opening Offer: biOrb Life 60 for £349.00 (sold as seen)

biOrb Classic 30L RRP: £129.99
Pebbles RRP: £6.99
Reef Coral Blue Decor RRP: £32.99
Starfish Blue RRP: £8.99
SeaShells White RRP: £11.99
Silk Plant Medium RRP: £14.95
biOrb Seafan White Medium RRP: £8.99
biOrb Heater RRP: £27.99
Mature Water RRP: £15.00
Tropical Fish RRP: £18.00
Local Delivery and Set-up: £40.00

biOrb Classic 30 Total Cost RRP: £315.92

biOrb Halo 60L RRP: £232.99
Grass Ring Large RRP: £23.99
biOrb Topiary Balls x 4 RRP: £35.96
biOrb Silk Plant Large RRP: £17.99
Aqual Silk Plants Medium x2 RRP: £14.98
Live Gravel and Bacteria RRP: £50.00
Local delivery and set up RRP: £40.00

biOrb Halo 60 Total Cost RRP: £415.91