Classic Car Intelligence
  • Species: Polypterus endlicheri

  • Species: Channa andrao(Assam Blue Snakehead)

  • Species: Corydoras polystictus

  • Species: Corydoras seussi

  • Species: Corydoras weitzmani

  • Species: Macrognathus zebrinus

  • Species: Macrognathus circumcinctus

  • Species: Macrognathus aral

  • Species: L134(Peckoltia sp., Leopard Frog Pleco)

Latest arrivals at Abacus Aquatics

13 September 2018

Abacus Aquatics based in Sidcup always have a fantastic selection of fish available. They are well known for selling fish in tip top condition and we thoroughly recommend visiting their shop. Recent arrivals include:

Corydoras seussi
Channa andrao(Assam Blue Snakehead)
Corydoras polystictus
Corydoras robustus
Corydoras weitzmani
L134(Peckoltia sp., Leopard Frog Pleco)
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri
Mastacembelus zebrinus
Macrognathus circumcinctus
Macrognathus aral
Ageneiosus atronasus

To find out more about Abacus Aquatics and to view their full stock list please click here