Classic Car Intelligence
  • Species: Synodontis brichardi

  • Species: L 397

  • Species: L 134

  • Species: Scleromystax kronei

  • Species: Nannostomus espei

Rare stock in at Abacus Aquatics and their Christmas Opening Hours......

22 December 2018

"Abacus Aquatics have got in quite a wide range of rare fish for the Christmas holiday period. These include, among others over 30 species of Corydoras catfish (including C. sipaliwni, C. pantanalensis, C. eques and S. kronei) and over 15 different species of L number Plecs (including some lovely locally bred Queen Arabesque's at only £35 each, L397's, L134's and Starlight Ancistrus / L183). There are various misc other species including Nannostomus espei (in stock again after a long absence), Polypterus endlicheri and Synodontis brichardi.

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