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  • Species: lipstick barb Pethia (Puntius) erythromycter

  • Species: Protopterus annectens

Latest import news at Wildwoods

15 April 2019

Wildwoods have taken delivery of lots of new species this week which are available via their TF2YD shop account. This includes one species of catfish which we have not seen on TFF before, Leptodoras cataniai. Just a few of the many new species now available on their Tropicalfish2yourdoor account are listed below.

Tenellus trimaculatus
Marbled Whiptail Loricaria simillima
Exallodontus aguanai
Ageneiosus atronasus
Blue Banded Loach Botia reversa Syncrossus reversa
lipstick barb Pethia (Puntius) erythromycter
Chaetostoma joropa
Protopterus annectens
Tucanoichthys tucano
Oryzias profundicola